“We love the voice recognition. It has reduced a significant amount of time for care workers taking notes.”

Cura Systems, Nightingales Retirement Care Case Study

Joanna Nykiel, director of Nightingale Retirement Care, was firmly of the belief that going digital would help her staff to do a better job.  However she anticipated some learning issues but was pleasantly surprised, not only by how easy it was to introduce Cura Systems, but also the positive difference it made to daily life and quality of care for the residents.

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Nightingale was no stranger to digital systems for care but it was time consuming to use and tied up staff for long periods as they laboriously entered data on a PC. Cura’s voice recognition facility changed all that!  And its simple layout means most necessary data entry can be input as staff do their rounds. What once took the entire morning is now finished by 10am, giving staff the opportunity to relax and spend quality time with the residents, maybe reading the paper together or playing a game.

“The care home system is easy to use and very accurate,” says Ms Nykiel, who has been with Nightingales group for a decade. “Everything is in one place - you just tap and enter data.” Simple navigation was important, but most of the time, staff don’t even need to do a lot of that. “We thought that voice recognition would be perfect for us," says Ms Nykiel, “and staff can complete a lot of notes by just talking with guests.”

Ms Nykiel was also impressed by the planning that goes into introducing the care planning systems and the one-to-one training that allowed her to prepare, learn and ask questions. Even better, the training was convenient as “Cura came to us and worked with us”. Having researched a number of new care home management systems, Ms Nykiel appreciates the passionate commitment to great care that went into developing Cura, its wide-ranging flexibility and its transparent pricing system.

The carers working with the 49 residents have adopted the software with great enthusiasm, and Ms Nykiel says “every single staff member uses Cura care home software happily”. As the system enables them to work on tablets, this gives them the ability to complete a lot of admin work without lots of papers and while they are on the move. A couple of staff members were initially resistant to adopting the software as they had no experience with computers, but once they had their training and some follow-up supervision, they soon had the skills to use Cura with confidence.

Cura Systems is adaptable.  It supports Nightingale Retirement Care way of doing things, and providing a platform where the carers can get more done with less effort. “This is brilliant from my perspective as a client,” says Ms Nykiel, who believes that going digital is the future for residential care.  “For us it was obvious that Cura was the next step forward.

Cura is helping Nightingales reduce time in recording electronic care plans, daily notes, and reports. 

This is brilliant from my perspective as a client,” says Ms Nykiel, who believes that going digital is the future for residential care. For us it was obvious that Cura was the next step forward.

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