How Cura Systems Works?

Cura Systems, Fully Integrated Care Software

Intuitive Care Home Management System

Cura Systems is the leading innovator in care home management systems, creating the most intuitive software in the market with the widest functionality.

Cura Systems offers an affordable suite of care home software applications, each built with a specific purpose that supports CQC compliance and evidence leading to improved care outcomes. Digital care support armed with electronic care plans is freeing caregivers to focus purely on the well-being of their residents. Let’s make the person-centred approach a reality.

“I’m a great believer in the intuitive product, and that’s exactly what Cura is. Cura is a flexible care home software, with so many useful ways of care planning, tracking medication and recording ongoing care. Clients love neat features such as voice recognition, which saves so much time. They see impressive results fast, and even the most resistant person can do something constructive almost straight away. They get really excited when they see the massive time savings.” John Rowley, senior sales manager of Cura Systems


How Cura Systems works:

  • Cura Web has been designed with care managers and care administrators to provide a full suite of modules that deal with every aspect of care home administration.
  • Cura Tablet is specifically designed for the care workers to use at the point of care delivery. It provides all the relevant care information and resource to support the care worker to provide efficient care.
  • Cura Mobile Care Monitoring Apps - Cura Kin and Cura Angel, conveniently and securely connect to friends, family and other service providers.

Give your care home a competitive advantage. Contact the Cura Systems team today. 

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