Cura has attained the standard set by the NHS England Transformation Directorate to be on the assured supplier list for digital social care records.

Care providers have the assurance that Cura meets the Digital Social Care Records Dynamic Purchasing System (DPS) core requirements for social care. This means Cura Systems passed the rigorous selection process and met the following core capabilities:

NHS Assured Supplier, Accredited Care Software
Supports inclusive care planning and needs assessment.
Captures real-time, auditable, records, notes and observations.
Supports task planning, allocation, management and completion
Provides controlled access to data
Able to share data with other systems and care settings.
Supports the operation and management of a care setting.


With Cura on the NHS assured supplier list, we are even more confident that its suite of applications will take the management of complex care to a whole new level.

NHS Assured Supplier Solution Demo

“This milestone validates our commitment to providing our customers the highest level of service in our business practices. We are incredibly proud to have met the NHS criteria.

Recognising Cura as a digital social care record solution on the assured supplier list truly identifies our digital transformation capabilities to meet the standards of care and ensuring a safe, caring, responsive, effective and well-led environment.” Charmaine Chong, Managing Director, Cura Systems