Transforming Chatsworth Residential Home with Cura's Care Home System

Chatsworth is a well established award winning private home. The proprietors and manager have many years of experience in the care sector and pride themselves on the high standards and warm welcoming, homely atmosphere.

There are 21 well trained staff who are dedicated in ensuring that the residents are treated and assisted with privacy, dignity and respect at all times—as well as ensuring they are safe and happy.

The home caters for 23 residents all with various different conditions with varying degrees of complexity and dependence which include Dementia, Stroke, Alzheimers, Parkinsons, Physical disabilities as well as providing Palliative care for residents who are End of Life. 

The dark clouds of Covid made us reassess many things we previously took for granted. However, some changes have a silver lining as we have seen an increase in the use of digital devices and they have become a coping tool in the daily challenges of providing care. Technological innovations such as care apps and tablets can help to provide greater assurance that appropriate care is delivered, and on a timely basis.

Sally Colwill, Care Manager of Chatsworth Residential Home, made the switch to digital care planning in April 2021 to make their caregiving life a lot easier and found Cura not only a solution to paper-related inefficiencies but also an intuitive care system that’s specifically designed to manage all aspects of their day-to-day operations, and for complex care situations.

Cura saves so much time

“With the paper side of doing things, it was just endless! The key benefit from Cura is its time-saving feature – the night staff noticed that. Caregivers can easily record what time action was actually taken and that’s far more efficient than doing it on paper.”

Cura empowers care givers with tools and features to deliver better care

“I like the modules and I like the fact that we can securely access all information in one place in real time! With handover notes, I can put everything in there and everybody sees it immediately. There’s no getting away with it – it’s a good proof that it’s all been written up.

I also love the RFID; it gives more accurate information for the night staff and like I said it’s time scheduled so you know what time things have been done. That’s a brilliant aspect of it!”

Cura has exceptional customer support

“If we put in a ticket or something comes up, the support team responds quickly.

With our training, Susuana facilitated the transition to Cura as smooth as possible. She is amazing!

Cura support team is very patient. We were all nervous on how we could adapt to the learning process, and they are all extremely helpful. I love the fact that somebody is always there if we need something instantly.”

Chatsworth recommends Cura Systems

“Cura…there’s just so much on it!

I would definitely recommend Cura to other homes. Our staff and care givers feel more confident to handle the complexities of the home. It also made it easier for me to see what’s going on without going upstairs to check what staff are doing. I could just check and get instant information when I log in to Cura.

With Cura, you get a future-forward care management tools that lets you stay in control and manage every aspect of care.”

Everyone at Chatsworth loves Cura

“Even the staff who were against technology now love Cura. Everybody gets used to it and it’s so much easier to learn than expected.”

Overall, we are really pleased with Cura Systems. We wish we had done it two or three years ago when we first enquired about it. I think if we had done it then, we would be in an amazing position now.

Cura's care home system saves money previously spent on paper, printer and ink, all of which cost more over time. It’s evident that Cura offers incredible savings by not only reducing paper consumption and cutting down printing cost; it also makes us more efficient and effective when we have to deal with complex care issues.

Cura helps Chatsworth in so many ways, including: time savings, improving care recording processes,meeting CQC compliance obligations with its comprehensive audit trails, reducing errors from manual data entry, and improvement in resource planning and handover between shifts."

Avon Park, Electronic Care Management

If you're looking to transform your care home, Cura should certainly be at the top of your list of digital options to consider.

"Cura deals with just about any aspect of care home administration that you would wish for!"