Cura's Role in Empowering Complex Care
Management at PIPS
PIPS embarked on a search for a digital solution to streamline its daily
operational activities, with a particular focus on incident reporting. This
search led them to discover Cura, a specialised digital system...
Castle Lodge
Cura Complex Care
Managing complex care

just got easier!
Managing the health and well-being of a resident with complex care
needs is already a challenging task and much more so when it
comes to documenting and maintaining appropriate communication
between care givers.
Complex Care Apps. Cura Care System
Cura Complex Care
Castle Lodge
Castle Lodge takes management of
Complex Care to the next level with Cura!
“At Castle Lodge, we have a variety of residents with complex needs,
especially those who have advanced dementia. We use Cura to record
stress and distress reactions on the pain charts...
Castle Lodge
Cura Roster
Cura Systems, Cura Roster Planner
Implementing an effective rostering system can have a significant impact on staff
and caregivers. Well-managed scheduling practices are more likely to create a positive
work environment that fosters job satisfaction and boost staff morale, productivity,
and retention rates.
Cura Roster...helps

boost staff engagement

and retention!
Cura Systems, Rostering System
Fluid Balance
Cura's Fluid Intake Tracking
Ensures Optimal Hydration
As we age, we are more vulnerable to dehydration and fluid imbalances.
This is particularly true for elderly people in care homes who may struggle
to maintain appropriate hydration because of mobility or cognitive difficulties.
Fluid Intake
Cura - Assured Supplier List
Cura Systems, Digital Social Care Records, NHSx, Assured Supplier List
Cura is now on the NHS Transformation Directorate’s
assured supplier list for digital social care records!
NHS Transformation Directorate
Brightside Manor
Brightside Manor: A Cura-Powered Dementia
Home Shares Its Journey of Going Digital
The decision to go with Cura was based on what suits Brightside Manor
best in meeting the changing demands of the care sector. Cura
has everything you could ask for in a digital care system!”
Brightside Manor
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Specialised Digital System for Complex Care

Cura makes a significant difference, for example, monitoring service users’ conditions accurately and in real-time by using customisable assessments and truly person-centred care plans, specifically designed for settings that deal with severe dementia, challenging behaviour, mental health, palliative care, long-term chronic illnesses and those with autism and/or learning difficulties.

We offer intelligent care home management software, electronic care plans, medication management, staff planning, notes,  invoicing and mobile care monitoring. By using Cura's suite of care home applications, your team will have more time to care for your service users and will feel more confident and reassured in performing their care tasks. Together we can go further to safeguard your residents and care workers.

Cura uses images, videos and talk to type functionality to create an all-digital care planning systems, monitoring and medication management solution. By using our electronic care plans for care homes, you will have real-time access to a full data trail to prove you are delivering outstanding care to the CQC, management, families and friends.

We help Care Homes with the most demanding needs to deliver better quality outcomes by automating more daily tasks for management and caregivers than any other care home software.

Working together, we can strive to deliver outstanding care.


Cura takes the management of care home to a whole new level

Providing complex care is demanding and requires an array of highly personalised care plans. Care Providers specialising in such services invariably require a care management system that corresponds to their needs.  Cura is made for complex care settings.

What our customers say about us

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“The adoption of Cura made us all feel…UPGRADED! It improved the digital literacy of staff and carers leading to more efficient and timely care.” - Sheela Nava, Care Manager and Clinical Lead of Brightside Manor

“It feels like we have been on this journey for such a long time already and today was a major step having IR2 fully operational. I look forward to seeing how we can develop even more with Cura by our side.” - Anthony Birmingham, Service Manager of PIPS

“At Castle Lodge, we have a variety of residents with complex needs, especially those that have advanced dementia. We use Cura to record stress and distress reactions on the pain charts, therefore helping us find triggers and management strategies to help reduce the stress level.” - Diane Boyd Manager of Castle Lodge

Courney Richardson, Healthcare Asst., Barrington House


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Cura is tailored for each resident as we believe it is vital that care delivery is about the person. We give you the tools to achieve person-centred care and monitor health trends and individual residents’ outcomes.

Cura provides person-centred care plans to manage your home, residents and caregivers. Cura includes a simple yet effective “chat” system that allows care providers to communicate in real time with key contacts such as doctors, pharmacists and others. With Cura, you will have relevant information available at the point-of-care-delivery.

Cura provides secure applications for every person involved in all aspects of a resident's care. Click on the relevant link below and see how we can support you to revolutionise the management of your care home services.

Cura Systems, Care Home Software for Owners

Cura Systems, Care Home Software for Residents

Cura Systems, Care Home Software for Managers

Cura Systems, Care Home Software for Friends and Family

Cura Systems, Care Home Software for Carers

Cura Systems, Care Home Software for Compliance