Brightside Manor: A Cura-Powered Dementia Care Home

Brightside Manor is a market leader in the provision of care, offering high quality dementia care in a homely manor house setting. They provide person centred approach to ensure residents have a choice on how they live their lives. The business is owned and operated by Avan Ltd. They also support those with learning disabilities, mental health and alcohol misuse issues.

Brightside Manor actively encourages family and friends to visit their loved ones and be a part of care planning.

Sheela Nava, Care Manager and Clinical Lead of Brightside Manor was optimistic that digital care systems have helped them do a better job, and become sufficiently competent and efficient by simply moving to fully digital ways of care planning, recording and evidencing care.

Cura enables everyone at Brightside Manor to be more receptive and responsive, increase their productivity and boost their confidence in managing complex care, resulting in a better quality of care, a safer care environment and monitoring improvement in outcomes.

Cura is the best option for digital transformation

Cura remains at the forefront of digital transformation by providing a specialised care management system specifically designed for complex care situations.

“Prior to the implementation of Cura, we did not have any digital care recording system in place. With Cura, it allows quick access to our resident records – it has dramatically improved accuracy and reduced the time previously spent on paper and reduced the risks of being unable to track and correlate manual records.

The decision to go with Cura was based on what suits Brightside Manor best in meeting the changing demands of the care sector. Cura has everything you could ask for in a digital care system!”

Cura is straightforward and easy to use

“During the implementation stage, we were pleased with the progress. Care staff learned to use the tablets and they picked them up fairly quickly. The system has improved the communication between staff, instantly transmitting information and reducing the time that was previously recorded manually. Cura is straightforward and very easy to use!”

Everything is in one place with Cura Systems

“The biggest benefit of Cura is time saving – we can access all the information on Cura Web and Cura Tablet and you can generate reports within 2 minutes.

With Cura, all information is fully accessible to everyone involved in all aspects of a resident’s care. Everything is in one place!”

Here are just some of the must-have features Brightside Manor loves:

Care Plans

“You can get consent from a family member in an instant. And you can upload, add and download pictures…and a lot more!”

Speech to text

“With speech-to-text, you don’t have to write manually. It is a lot faster than typing.”

Daily Report

“It has loads of options and is easy to use. Carers can create reports, photos, and voice notes to send to family members instantly.”

Brightside Manor found its trusted partner in customer support

Anjana Lama, a deputy manager at Brightside Manor, said:

“I’m very satisfied with the ongoing customer support. Sarah and Karu are very responsive and patient, they don’t get fed up easily. And if you get stuck, the support team will help sort out our concerns promptly. Also, if the system needs adapting or requires the implementation of a new document/ care plan, this can easily be created to suit our needs.

We are incredibly pleased with the way Cura handles customers!”

Cura is truly a caregiving-friendly tool

“I’m impressed by the planning that goes into implementing the system, the one-to-one training, and the regular updates from Cura.

Half of the staff members were initially reluctant to adopt technology, as they had no experience with computers. Still, once they had their training and some follow-up supervision, they soon had the skills to use Cura with confidence.

Now, everyone at Brightside Manor uses Cura's digital care plan software care happily!”

Cura helps ease the burden of isolation during the onset of Covid-19

“During the Covid-19 pandemic times, visitors including closest family members were restricted, and we relied so much on Cura to help cope in an incredibly difficult, unprecedented environment. Cura has played a huge part in keeping our residents safe – we can generate reports that can be easily shared with those who are entitled to them so even if we were understaffed, we could do our tasks with the help of Cura Tablet.

Cura’s video conferencing tool has helped the residents connect with their loved ones to overcome some part of the loss of physical contact. It eased their burden and diminished their mental & emotional burnout and the stress of quarantine and social distancing.”

Brightside Manor recommends Cura

“I highly recommend Cura to other homes as the system gives our carers the ability to complete a lot of admin work without lots of paper...and with a few ticks and taps, Cura provides you with everything you need!

The adoption of Cura made us all feel… UPGRADED! It improved the digital literacy of staff and carers, leading to more efficient and timely care.”

It is fully compliant with GDPR and enables us to maintain the confidentiality of our resident records. Visiting professionals can access information of assigned residents whilst staff can continue with their caring role unhindered."

The social care sector is placing greater emphasis on digitalisation, and Cura's person centred care software is leading the way in this transformation. Cura has become the go-to choice for care providers seeking to leverage technology to enhance their operations.

Brightside Manor, Digital Care System

If you're looking to transform your care home, Cura should certainly be at the top of your list of digital options to consider.

"We are incredibly pleased with the way Cura handles customers!”