Customer's Choice for Care Planning Software

Cura Systems is committed to ensuring all our customers gain the best value from their investment in Cura and continue to provide a service level that is exceptional and unique to every customer.

Cura's care planning software has transformed the daily operational activities of our customers and they are happy to share with you their digital transformation journey.

Your Journey to Outstanding Care Starts with Cura

Cura Systems has gained a reputation of reliability among care and residential homes in Singapore and UK – helping to confront the multifaceted challenges that care providers are now facing.

We listen to our customers’ needs and preferences, and are committed to providing a holistic care planning systems and mobile care monitoring apps that truly benefits all of those involved in the provision of care.

Customer Testimonial, Care Planning Choice


Elizabeth Hancock, Managing Director, Fulford Nursing Home


Courney Richardson, Healthcare Asst., Barrington House

“Cura incident reporting really is a great tool and will make a huge difference to the people we support. The ease we have of reviewing the incidents as they are logged and the central monitoring will only enhance our ability to analyse and resolve the issues we see.” -Anthony Birmingham Service Manager, Positive Individual Proactive Support

“I have managed to find my way around the system, I am so excited to be apart of the CURA journey and look forward to utilising the system. Well done to the CURA team and thank you for having the patience and time of working closely with Oak Springs to get us up and running.” - Andrea Lyon Director of Care and Operations, Oak Springs

“Cura makes our day to day caring so much easier. It didn’t take us long to pick up Cura at all. It’s easy to use and learn” - Courtney Richardson, Healthcare Assistant

“Cura…there’s just so much on it! I would definitely recommend Cura to other homes. Our staff and care givers feel more confident to handle the complexities of the home. With Cura, you get a future-forward care management tools that lets you stay in control and manage every aspect of care.” - Sally Colwill Care Manager of Chatsworth Residential Home

"The decision to go with Cura was based on what suits Brightside Manor best in meeting the changing demands of the care sector. Cura has everything you could ask for in a digital care system!” - Sheela Nava, Care Manager and Clinical Lead, Brightside Manor

“To conclude, I would recommend Cura's care planning software. With Cura’s rich set of tools and new features, we are ready to face the new normal and embrace the future of care!" - Elizabeth Hancock, Managing Director

“Night Staff were sent home earlier after their shift the other morning because everything was done, and the day staff were happy to take over. Handovers and care notes didn’t need to be written at the end of the shift as they were already completed, thanks to Cura." - Lisa Hadaway, Registered Manager