Painless Implementation & Proactive Customer Support

Having successfully implemented Cura's digital care management systems in so many complex care situations, we understand the challenges of digital transformation. Our dedicated team of experts ensure a smooth transition from onboarding to full-scale implementation.

Care Management Systems, Implementation Process
Go-live phase

We won’t just leave you with an ad-hoc support package, you have the option to be assigned a dedicated Client Solutions Specialist, whose primary focus is to ensure Cura is used by all your staff to its full potential.

Ongoing Support

Our support team will be in touch regularly to monitor your progress with Cura. We provide ongoing support, and our team is always available in person to answer questions and address concerns. We take pride in providing a proactive, human customer service experience that is a lot faster than chatbot, email and interactive voice response.

Readily Available Resources

Cura also provides readily available resources to ensure immediate access to information and support whenever the need arises. This includes user guides, video tutorials, FAQs, and access to an online knowledge base.

Leadership Support

Cura works closely with senior leaders to ensure they are fully committed to the change and that they are actively involved in creating a culture of change to embrace new technologies. Cura’s support team offers tailored one-to-one training sessions in addition to the initial training programs.

Continuous Monitoring and Assessments

Cura provides continuous monitoring of system usage, metrics and engagement levels in particular. This will help identify the areas where additional support or training may be required, proactively addressing any issues that may arise.

Continuous Improvement

Cura encourages feedback from care managers and continuously evaluates and refines the system to address emerging needs and challenges.

Here's the typical implementation process:

1. Guidance through the digital transition and change management process

2. You will be assigned a dedicated account manager throughout the process throughout your digital journey.

3. A kick-off meeting to outline the entire process, change management, gap analysis and tailored training plan.

6. We offer on-line or on-site training for a more hands-on experience. Cura trains a group of champions that you choose, who then train other staff, with ongoing consultation to help you train all end users.

5. Provide follow-up training for staff changes and readily accessible video tutorials for ongoing learning and refresher courses.

4. The entire process typically takes a minimum of four days, an average of six days, and a maximum of 10 days (factors such as data migration and complexity can affect timescales)

7. Quarterly business review meetings to discuss progress and ensure you remain on track to deliver the desired results.