Distinctive Approach to Complex Care Management

Cura stands out with its emphasis on addressing the needs of complex care settings. Cura's management system for complex care is adaptable to the unique requirements of each care setting to align with your workflow and specific needs.

Cura, Adults with Learning Disabilities
Innovative Interface

Unlike conventional and icon-driven interfaces, Cura’s friendly interface is designed to allow the user freedom to design their own user interface and layout along with forms and care plans, unconstrained by icons and fixed formats.

Detailed Incident Reporting

Cura provides in-depth incident reporting designed to facilitate accurate and timely recording of even the most severe incidents in a simple and guided way while keeping appropriate staff abreast of incident progress in real-time.

Unrivalled Bespoke Configurability

Cura empowers users to manage the application to suit their needs and preferences, liberating them from the constraints of conformity.

Customisable Management Dashboard

Cura provides a highly developed graphical management reporting tool designed to simplify your data into easy-to-understand visual presentation and identify areas needing attention.

Customisable Service User Dashboard

Customise for each service user, depicting a clear view of their status and care. Each service user dashboard can be tailored to their needs with all information required is only ever 2 clicks away.

Supports PBS

Cura comes equipped with user-definable care plan structures to provide for intricate care plans and care planning processes to support PBS.

Form Builder

Allows users to create definable, customisable and personalised forms.

Receive Tasks and Alerts

Send an ad-hoc task to a staff member from Cura Tablet.

Cura Roster with Smart Routing

Cura Roster answers the questions: who goes where, for what and when? It goes beyond simply scheduling shifts. It enables greater productivity and staff retention through better planning. Here are just some of the new features:

• Highly configurable workflow
• Completely integrated with Cura
• Links to integrated invoice generation
• Links to Cura Angel (Staff App)
• Auto Sign-On and Activity Tracking
• GPS location for attendance evidencing

Backed by Successful Implementation

Our dedicated team of experts ensure a smooth transition from onboarding to full-scale implementation

Powered by Real People, not Bots!

At Cura, we understand that customer support goes beyond providing quick fixes and automated responses. We take pride in providing a proactive, human customer service experience that is a lot faster than chatbot, email and interactive voice response

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“At Castle Lodge, we have a variety of residents with complex needs, especially those who have advanced dementia. We use Cura complex care software to record stress and distress reactions on the pain charts, therefore helping us find triggers and management strategies to help reduce the stress level.” – Dianne Boyd, Manager of Castle Lodge