Care Management Software for Complex Care Situations

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Cura Web-based System
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Specialised Care Management Software


Cura's digital care management software is a market leader in digital transformation, specialising in complex care settings and enabling the greatest granularity and personalised care. Cura’s wide scope and features make it a fully connected suite of apps.

Cura puts you in control with its highly configurable risk and capacity assessments, personalised electronic care plans with detailed recording of daily care, reminders and alerts, including a management dashboard, integrated roster, next of kin and staff apps.

With Cura, you can trust that care is being delivered by the right people, in the right places and at the right time, as we continue to strive for excellence in care delivery through adherence to industry standards.

Distinctive Approach to Complex Care Delivery

Cura stands out with its emphasis on addressing the needs of complex care settings. Cura's care management software is adaptable to the unique requirements of each care setting to align with your workflow and specific needs.

Emphasis on Complex Care

Innovative Interface

Detailed Incident Reporting

Personalised Timeline

User Definable Reporting Dashboard

Customisable Service User Dashboard

Supports PBS

Form Builder

Receive Tasks and Alerts

Cura Roster with Smart Routing - Aids in planning for domiciliary care tasks

Backed by Many Successful Implementations

Supported by Real People, not Bots!


Get Started Seamlessly

Software is only as good as the implementation and ongoing support you receive.

We understand that adopting digital care software can be daunting. That’s why, at Cura, we are committed to making your experience as smooth and effortless as possible. Our team, comprised of experts with firsthand experience in managing complex care environments, understands the unique challenges. We are here to put you in control of every aspect of your going-digital journey.

With Cura you're not just getting a care management solution tailored to complex care requirements, you're getting a trusted digital partner who is invested in your success.

Cura Tablet Care System

Solution Built for Complex Care Settings

Cura is designed to meet the challenges associated with settings that provide truly personalised care needs, such as:

Severe Dementia


Learning Difficulties

Challenging Behaviour

Domiciliary Care

Supported Living

Mental health

Palliative Care

End of Life
Substance Abuse
Brain Injury

Long-term Chronic Illnesses

Everything you need to provide a Better Care Experience

Effortless care planning- record care offline
Focus on optimising user experience
Evidence and track all aspects of care
Real time-alerts for data-driven decisions
Enhanced accountability through real-time data
Ensure compliance with detailed audit trails
Dedicated team of experts with first-hand experience in complex care delivery
Designed with caregivers in mind to ensure maximum usability and effectivity

Hear from our Customers

Cura's digital care planning software is designed to meet the challenges associated with settings that provide truly personalised care needs, such as:

Cura Systems, Anthony Birmingham

“It feels like we have been on this journey for such a long time already and today was a major step having IR2 fully operational. I look forward to seeing how we can develop even more with Cura by our side.” - Anthony Birmingham, Registered Manager of Positive Individual Proactive Support

Cura Systems, Diane Boyd

“At Castle Lodge, we have a variety of residents with complex needs, especially those that have advanced dementia. We use Cura to record stress and distress reactions on the pain charts, therefore helping us find triggers and management strategies to help reduce the stress level.” - Diane Boyd, Registered Manager of Castle Lodge

Cura Systems, Anthony Birmingham

“The adoption of Cura made us all feel…UPGRADED! It improved the digital literacy of staff and carers leading to more efficient and timely care.” - Sheela Nava, Care Manager and Clinical Lead of Brightside Manor

Rosewood Villa, Home Care

"Night Staff were sent home earlier after their shift the other morning because everything was done, and the day staff were happy to take over. Handovers and care notes didn’t need to be written at the end of the shift as they were already completed, thanks to Cura." - Lisa Hadaway, Registered Manager of Rosewood Villa

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Complex care requires a high level of support and a specialised care management software like Cura will truly match your demanding needs.