Cura Roster…helps boost staff engagement and retention.

Cura Roster, a care rostering software, enables flawless management of staff rosters; in conjunction with Cura Angel, a mobile based app that allows care staff to see and confirm their shifts, etc.

Care Rostering Software, Cura Roster

Care Rostering Software and Staff Management

Cura Roster is a rota management planning and scheduling tool as well as a record of time logged by staff. It has a completely new “drag & drop “user interface, remarkable flexibility throughout with extensive data validation to provide a simple way to allocate suitable staff to shifts and evidence staffing compliance.

Cura Roster responds to the question: who goes, where for what and when?

Enable delegation of rota management

Simplify Scheduling – create rotas with a few clicks, by location
Better visibility of caregiver workload using colour-coded shifts
staff rota software

Avoid over/under staffing due to scheduling conflicts and fill empty shifts

Drag and drop shift allocations

Reduce manual data entry and get real-time updates

Aids in planning for Domiciliary Care tasks and routing

Generates payroll reports

Clock In’ functionality to show location sensitive attendance

GPS/Facial recognition support for attendance evidencing

Cura's rostering system provides tools and features to manage staff schedules efficiently and effectively, ensuring that you always have the right number of staff available to provide the necessary care for your service users.


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