Mobile Care Monitoring App for Caregivers

Cura Angel is a free-to-download mobile care monitoring app (application) that will assist caregivers in all areas of their administration and give them an auditable communication trail whilst they are away from the care home.

Cura Angel is your care team’s Go-To App to stay on top of your schedules, and tasks and share updates that keep everyone informed.

With Cura Angel mobile care monitoring app, caregivers can:

Cura Angel, Carer using Care Mobile
Rota information and alerts
Secure messaging to other caregivers and groups
Mobile Care Monitoring, Care App for Carers
Request leave, check time worked, swaps and approve shift changes
View Staff Handbook & How-do-I
Access Event Calendars & Training Record

GPS based time and attendance system

Notify the care home of any issues or incidents

Cura Angel is available for download on App Store and Google Play

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