"We can prove we are OUTSTANDING now we are using Cura care home software.” Cura System provides your care homes with the electronic care plans, tools and support to improve your CQC rating.

Cura Systems, Care Planning System for CQC Compliance

Care Planning Record System for Compliance

Regulatory authorities, such as the CQC, are tasked with addressing standards of care by inspecting your care homes regularly. They must ensure compliance obligations are met and rate service providers from outstanding through to inadequate.

With Cura, service providers will be able to evidence, at the touch of a button, how they are delivering outstanding care with a fully digital audit trail. Cura Systems use images, videos and modern care planning systems, mobile care monitoring and medication management tools to evidence delivery of care to regulatory authorities. Cura also helps you capture incident evidence and create meaningful bespoke management dashboard reporting. In the eyes of the CQC, if you didn’t record it, it didn’t happen.

"Cura allows our team to demonstrate the service we provide, especially the smaller details that help to evidence our Well–Led practices to CQC and to ensure every action is recorded and compliant with their regulations." - Elizabeth Hancock, Managing Director, Fulford Nursing Home

We can help you to meet the CQC’s inspection criteria:

  • Safety - With the Cura medication module, drug rounds can be tracked throughout your care home as they happen, with automated mishap prevention mechanisms.
  • Effectiveness - Access to your residents’ personal and medical records at the point of care allows the most efficient and personalised care to be delivered.
  • Caring - Reducing the amount of time required on paperwork and administration, we can help you spend more time with your residents, armed with the appropriate knowledge of the service user and individualised electronic care plans … even if the care provider is new to the service user. Cura helps to provide the evidence that the resident is at the centre of all decision making.
  • Responsiveness - Set reminders for your care team to review electronic care plans to ensure that they are always kept up-to-date and be instantly alerted if there are any issues with your residents’ health or safeguarding. Evidence that residents and families are involved in how they wish care and support to be delivered.
  • Well-led – Your care workers will feel well supported by the management team. Tracking of training, improved communication through our Discussion module, better rota scheduling and other features will greatly improve leadership capability and service delivery.

Prove you are OUTSTANDING. We provide care homes with the tools and support to improve your CQC rating. Contact the Cura Systems team today.

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