“Cura Kin keeps me informed as to what my Mother has been up to and if her care plans have changed. It allows me to stay in touch with her even when I am on holiday.”

Cura Systems, Care Planning System for Friends and Family

Mobile Care Monitoring System for Family and Friends

In a residential care setting many people may be involved or interested in the care and wellbeing of your loved one. Even though some of these people rarely meet it is still possible to build a network of collaborative care to ensure a person-centred approach with your loved one’s needs and wishes at the centre. Bring genuine person-centred care a step closer.

Cura features a secure mobile app called Cura Kin. Authorised family members, friends can all be given secure access to information about your loved one’s daily well-being, meals, participation in activities and much more. Cura Kin also allows family members to keep residents informed of their happenings with photos.

If you are unable to visit your loved one frequently there is reassurance that the agreed care package is being delivered.

With the Cura Kin application you get:

  • Regular updates on your relative’s health, mood, activities and appetite – All in real-time with the latest available information.
  • Regular feedback On the wellbeing of the resident.
  • A two-way exchange – Of messages, photos and video with the care provider and your loved one.
  • Access the assigned doctors and care workers contact information In case of emergency.
  • Easy access to billing information.
  • Daily Report and discussion.
  • Ability to record service users’ preferences and wishes – These can be taken into account when care plans are drawn up and updated.

Engage with your loved ones and see the care being delivered anytime, anywhere. Contact the Cura Systems team today 0n 020 3621 9111.

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