“I love how all my carers’, even the new ones, know every little detail about my care needs especially how I like my tea!”


Improving your care and ensuring your needs are at the centre of every decision about your care delivery is our ultimate objective.

At Cura Systems, we are passionate about person-centred care. When your care workers are using Cura Systems care management system to deliver your care they are ensuring a more personalised and reliable service. The system also monitors the safety of your environment so that you can feel more content.

Residents will reap the following benefits with Cura:

  • Peace of mind – You will have peace of mind against medication errors and duplication of records.
  • More contact time – Care workers will be able to spend significantly more time with you.
  • Up-to-date MAR charts – Care workers will be able to have a real-time access to your medical records.
  • Increased general well-being – Care workers will be able record your daily activities, prescribed medications, doctor’s appointments, meal preference and your general wellness.
  • Communicate with your family and care workers – Care workers will be able to show you messages, voice notes, videos and photographs sent to you from your friends and family.
  • Record your own preferences – Use our voice note functionality.
  • Remember me (for dementia residents) – Add up to 30 images and photos that remind you of important aspects of your life.
  • Health alerts – Care managers will be immediately alerted if there are any changes with your condition of health.
  • Consent to your care plans and DNAR status.

Feel safer, more involved and have confidence in your care home. Contact the Cura Systems team today on 020 3621 9111.

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