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Cura Web, Care Planning Solution
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Web-based Care Home System

Cura Web is a web-based care home management software that supports every aspect of managing your service, including Care Planning, Staff Roster, Invoicing and Medication Administration. It supports you to improve care outcomes and safeguard your residents and care givers.

Cura Web supports every aspect of the administration and provision of care, within your care home. It is the central controlling point and repository for all of your care records. It supports you to improve care outcomes and helps to safeguard your residents and care workers.

Cura Web has extensive functionality and is customisable. Why use several different care planning systems when you can have one that grows with you?

You can choose to utilise some or the entire care home management module collection, dependent upon your preferences and processes.

We work with our customers to ensure every aspect of their care delivery is managed digitally. We offer a suite of care home software applications where each module is created with a specific purpose to support CQC compliance and provide evidence for improved care outcomes.

Spend your time where it’s needed. Get alerted of issues in real-time and a full care audit trail. Prove you deliver outstanding care; contact the Cura Systems team today on 020 3621 9111.

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