“The entire implementation process was really robust!"

Cura Systems, Positive Individual Proactive Support

Positive Individual Proactive Support

Positive Individual Proactive Support (PIPS), an organisation situated in Stokesley, North Yorkshire, facilitates positive behavioural support and provides person-centred care for people who face complex challenges such as autism, mental health, challenging behaviours, learning disabilities and high support needs. PIPS stands as a beacon of hope and is committed to providing top-notch support, with a mission to actively encourage a compassionate approach while delivering high-quality care to its service users. Link to PIPS website

PIPS embarked on a search for a digital solution to streamline its daily operational activities, with a particular focus on incident reporting. This search led them to discover Cura, a specialised digital system that has revolutionised their approach to complex care management. Cura exceeded PIPS’ expectations by providing a fully integrated solution that extended well beyond their initial incident reporting requirements.

Anthony Birmingham, service manager and registered manager at PIPS, explained that their original goal was to find an incident reporting system that could effectively address their unique and demanding needs. Undoubtedly, Anthony found Cura Systems would not only improve their incident reporting but also provide an opportunity to widen their project scope to introduce a full e-recording system.

“From our original intention of only an incident reporting system, we have rolled out our daily reporting and our entire support planning. Our entire rollout system is now fully through with Cura and we will be looking at introducing the other elements as well. Things like the eMAR, the increased options with the order around staff management through their own app that's available, the list is endless to what's available that we haven't implemented but is there for us to use.”

Cura’s Best Feature

Anthony Birmingham's favourite feature of Cura is the incident reporting system. This feature is critical to PIPS and crucial to the people they support:

  • Allows staff to make contemporaneous notes of incidents, facilitating detailed incident analysis and learning opportunities.
  • Real-time alerts to managers, senior managers and PBS consultants when an incident is reported, enabling a quick and effective response.
  • Enables PIPS to review and document incidents, which helps them meet their regulatory requirements and data collection obligations.
  • The incident analysis feature provides valuable data for identifying trends and areas that may require additional and intensive support.

Cura’s Key Benefits

These benefits have allowed PIPS to manage complex care situations more effectively and efficiently:

  • Saves time by allowing staff to focus more on providing better support to individuals. It also reduced administrative tasks related to documentation, archiving, and report generation.
  • Improves communication among staff members and care givers through the use of real-time alerts and reporting.
  • Improves the quality of care by enabling staff to focus on providing support rather than managing paperwork.
  • Cura's flexibility accommodates PIPS' evolving needs, allowing for ongoing development and customisation.
  • Provides training sessions and ongoing support to help staff adapt to the digital system.
  • Helps meet compliance requirements by providing easy access to reports and real-time access to a full data trail.

Smooth Transition to Cura

During the implementation process, PIPS found Cura to be immensely accommodating and flexible in meeting their specific needs, ensuring a smooth transition from a paper-based to a digital ecosystem.

Cura also provides readily available resources to ensure immediate access to information and support whenever the need arises. This includes user guides, video tutorials, FAQs, and access to an online knowledge base.

“The entire implementation process was really robust. We are very particular in our expectations and probably had some high demands of the changes that we wanted within the system to make it viable for us and that was fully accommodated by Cura and the support that we had during that process. We also had training sessions that supported our staff to be introduced to the system and we had systems training for our project managers and our leads on the rollout.”

Cura’s handholding approach

PIPS maintains a strong working relationship with Cura, regularly seeking support for system changes, developments, and specific issues. The flexibility and availability of the Cura support team have been pivotal in ensuring the system aligns with PIPS's evolving needs.

“I would say our relationship is really good and we regularly seek support whether that be through changes and developments that we need. And if there are particular issues that we found or if there's extra guidance or support that we need around a feature that we're looking to introduce into our rollout of the system right the way from the implementation through to now. We can fully grasp the availability and flexibility of the team that's there for us.”

Future Developments with Cura

As PIPS continues to roll out the system, its aim is to utilise all the features Cura offers and eventually become paperless within the home. This long-term vision emphasises the value of Cura's adaptability and scalability.

“Even our project for the rollout is still ongoing, but eventually, our aim is to use all features and to ideally be paperless around all the support systems, the management and the governance of our direct support which Cura is set up to provide.”

The flexibility and availability of the Cura support team have been pivotal in ensuring the system aligns with PIPS's evolving needs.

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