Fluid Balance Monitoring, Fluid Intake 23May, 2023
Cura’s Fluid Tracking Ensures Optimal Hydration

As we age, we are more vulnerable to dehydration and fluid imbalances. This is particularly true for elderly people in care homes who may struggle to maintain appropriate hydration because of mobility or cognitive difficulties. Serious health issues such as kidney damage, urinary tract infections, and even death can result from dehydration. On the other hand, excessive hydration can result in water intoxication, which can also have detrimental effects. Accurate and timely tracking of fluid intake and outflow is crucial in ensuring service users’ hydration is met and dealt with right away.

Fluid Balance Monitoring: Crucial for Optimal Hydration in Elderly Care

To address the issue of hydration, many care providers now consider implementing a monitoring tool to keep track of the fluid balance. A specialised digital system for complex care such as Cura with features like fluid intake and output tracking, fluid balance monitoring, and daily fluid balance charts is one way to monitor and manage service user's fluid intake and output.

Here are just some of the features:

  • Calculate the total fluid intake within a defined 24-hour to 120-hour period 

Caregivers can ensure service users are receiving the appropriate amount of fluids to maintain optimal hydration levels.

  • Diet and Fluid Monitoring Chart 

Provides a visual representation of a service user's diet, fluid intake and output for a given day, allowing caregivers to quickly identify any imbalances or changes in nutritional and hydration status.

  • Daily target intake

You can set daily fluid intake targets and record all outputs for each service user based on their individual needs ensuring each service user is accurately receiving the appropriate amount of fluids.

  • Record all outputs

Record all outputs for each service user, including urine and stool output.

  • History data 

Provides a complete picture of the service user's fluid balance and helps identify any potential issues with hydration levels.

  • Alerts and notifications

Alerts caregivers when a service user’s daily fluid intake has not been and falls outside the normal range. This would allow caregivers to respond quickly and adjust their care plan.

  • …and a lot more!

Cura means Care…. bringing you peace of mind and confidence when managing the health and well-being of service users while delivering person centred care and long-term support.

Providing complex care requires a high level of support and Cura will truly match such demanding needs! If you would like to have a no-obligations, quick look at Cura, please contact us on 020 3621 9111or email at info@cura.systems for an on-line demo.

Data Protection, GDPR Awareness 9Jan, 2018
Cura is committed to executing a robust data protection strategy

We are committed to executing a robust data protection strategy to ensure cura systems complex care management software is compliant with gdpr and other data protection legal requirements.

Data Protection Compliance

We have recruited a Data Compliance and Security Officer, Jessica Hiscock, on a full time basis to inform and advise Cura Systems and our employees about our obligations to comply with the GDPR and other data protection laws. More importantly, to provide us with the means to do so through the task of producing and implementing relevant policies and procedure, as well as spreading awareness and knowledge through training.

Ensuring Robust Data Protection with Jessica Hiscock as Data Compliance Officer

Jess previously worked within the Data Protection and Confidentiality Department at Abertawe Bro Morgannwg University Health Board, covering both Information Governance and Information Security remits. She was the department’s lead trainer to over 16,000 staff (as well as additional voluntary staff, students, and contracted employees), the lead auditor on data protection compliance across the whole Health Board, and the first point of contact for any queries.

She will monitor and audit Cura Systems compliance with GDPR and other data protection laws and advise on any identified information risks. Her role is primarily a preventative-focused one where, instead of waiting for a data breach to occur, she is instead tasked with anticipating threats to information and actively working to prevent them from having real-world negative impacts. Jess is also here to support disaster recovery and business continuity management to ensure that any incidents are appropriately managed to reduce harm to Cura Systems and its data subjects.

Susuana Ocansey, our National Delivery Manager and her team will be your first point of contact for any queries (internal or external) regarding the data we process and will ensure that individuals are aware of their rights regarding the information we hold about them.

Contact the Cura Support team for more information, call 020 3621 9117 or email support.cura@cura.systems.

Cura Systems, CQC KLOE Caring 13Oct, 2017
Cura Systems response to the CQC State of Care report

This year’s State of Care report shows the quality of health and social care has been maintained, despite very real challenges, the majority of people are getting good care. But future quality is precarious at best, as the system struggles with complex new types of care demand and needs, access and cost.

CQC State of Annual Report in Health Care

The Care Quality Commission’s annual assessment of the quality of health and social care in England contains much that is encouraging. As of 31 July 2017, 78% of adult social care services were rated good (71% were rated good at 31 July 2016) but it continually echoed this was due to tireless efforts of care leaders and staff and noted the continuing risk of a ‘tipping point’. It is crucial that we do something before service deterioration outpaces the capacity for service improvement.

Professor Martin Green, OBE, Chief Executive of Care England highlighted, “There is a lot of uncertainty in the sector and by dragging its heels, and Government simply cannot abdicate responsibility for those in need of care.”

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Cura System, Microsoft Gold Competency 3Aug, 2017
Cura Systems Achieves a Microsoft Gold Application Development Competency

Cura Systems demonstrates best-in-class capability and market leadership through demonstrated technology success and customer commitment.

Microsoft Gold Application Development Competency

The Microsoft Gold Competency distinguishes Cura Systems within the top 1% of Microsoft’s partner ecosystem, which is made up of 640,000 partners worldwide.

“Becoming a Microsoft Gold Application Development competency partner showcases our expertise and our commitment to the residential care technology market. It also demonstrates our deep knowledge of Microsoft and its products, which enables us to be technology advisors for our customer’s, able to meet their evolving business needs.” – Charmaine Chong, Managing Director

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Cura Systems, Care Safety System 26Jul, 2017
Prevention is better than any cure

We know things go wrong when least expected. Even when all the right procedures are in place how can you be 100% sure they have been properly applied? Cura can be used as an alert aid with its electronic care plans. 

Ensuring Health and Safety with Cura’s Electronic Care Plans

Cura is a comprehensive care planning system, staff scheduling, medication management, electronic care plans, hand-over notes, mobile care monitoring, and time and attendance tracking. 

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13Jul, 2017
Transforming the State of Social Care

Enhance your care home’s CQC inspection rating with Cura Systems’ care management solutions. Ensure safety, effectiveness, and more.

The CQC has recently released their report on the State of Social Care in the UK, which highlights:

  • The majority of care providers at 77% are providing a Good level of service
  • Only 2% of care services being rated achieve an Outstanding certification.
  • 2% of care services are currently rated as Inadequate, and 19% of services are rated as Requires Improvement. That equates to 21%, over a fifth of the entire market is offering below standard delivery of care.

CQC Inspection Criteria

Too many services are not improving or seem incapable of improving. 38% retain their rating of requires improvement following re-inspection, despite knowing from CQC inspections what needs to change and 5% of these services had deteriorated. Community social care services such as domiciliary care, supported living and shared lives were rated the best overall whilst nursing homes remain the biggest concern. Poor medicine management system was highlighted as a key factor including poor administration, lack of knowledge, poor record keeping, lack of audits and incorrect storage.

These figures and findings will undermine the public’s confidence in the sector as a whole – a sector that we are becoming increasingly reliant on as our population ages and people’s needs at all ages become more complex.

So how do we move forward? How do we improve and develop care delivery to achieve that elusive OUTSTANDING certification?

Cura Systems offers you the care home management solution. Keep a transparent, easy to access audit trail of all your record keeping, Provide your care workers with the tools they need to know how to complete their tasks at the point of care delivery and ensure medicines are managed correctly.

Cura also helps you capture incident evidence and create meaningful bespoke management dashboard reporting. In the eyes of the CQC, if you didn’t record it, it didn’t happen.

How Cura helps you to meet the CQC’s inspection criteria:

  • Safety –With the Cura medication module, drug rounds can be tracked throughout your care home as they happen, with automated mishap prevention mechanisms.
  • EffectivenessAccess to your residents’ personal and medical records using electronic care plans at the point of care allows the most efficient and personalised care to be delivered.
  • Caring – Reducing the amount of time required on paperwork and administration, we can help you spend more time with your residents, armed with the appropriate knowledge of the service user and individualised care plans… even if the care provider is new to the service user. Cura care planning system helps to provide the evidence that the resident is at the centre of all decision making.
  • Responsiveness – Set reminders for your care team to review electronic care plans to ensure that they are always kept up-to-date and be instantly alerted if there are any issues with your residents’ health or safeguarding. Evidence that residents and families are involved in how they wish care and support to be delivered.
  • Well-led – Your care workers will feel well supported by the management team. Tracking of training, improved communication through our Discussion module, better rota scheduling and other features will greatly improve leadership capability and service delivery.

Prove you are OUTSTANDING. We provide care homes with the tools and support to improve your CQC rating.

Contact the Cura Systems team today. info@cura.systems. 020 3621 9111.

Cura Systems, Health Plus Care 2018 16Jun, 2017
Is your care company looking to strengthen data recording and management?

Is your care company looking to strengthen data recording and management, improve communication and care outcomes at the point-of-care delivery?

Meet Cura Systems at Health Plus Care to Enhance Care Outcomes

Health plus Care is Europe’s largest integrated health and social care event designed to build relationships between care providers and suppliers.

Come & meet us! As a key technology supplier to the health and social care market, Cura Systems will be available on stand D28 to talk about all of our latest innovations for best of breed care home management system, including Cura Kin and Cura Angel.

Is your care company looking to strengthen data recording and management, improve communication and care outcomes at the point-of-care delivery?

If the answer is yes, come and meet Alistair Mann and John Rowley from the Cura Systems team at our exhibition booth D28 so we can show you how we can support you to deliver outstanding care.

Care Outcomes at the Point-of-care Delivery

Cura Systems have developed the most comprehensive care home management system for your care home.

We offer intelligent and modern care planning system, medication management, staff planning, electronic care plans, notes, mobile care monitoring and time and attendance tracking monitoring software.

The Health Plus Care event attracts more than 10,000 senior health and social care professionals.

If you’d like to chat with us before the event, get in touch at info@cura.systems or call 020 3621 9111.