Fluid Balance Monitoring, Fluid Intake 23May, 2023
Cura’s Fluid Tracking Ensures Optimal Hydration

As we age, we are more vulnerable to dehydration and fluid imbalances. This is particularly true for elderly people in care homes who may struggle to maintain appropriate hydration because of mobility or cognitive difficulties. Serious health issues such as kidney damage, urinary tract infections, and even death can result from dehydration. On the other hand, excessive hydration can result in water intoxication, which can also have detrimental effects. Accurate and timely tracking of fluid intake and outflow is crucial in ensuring service users’ hydration is met and dealt with right away.

Fluid Balance Monitoring: Crucial for Optimal Hydration in Elderly Care

To address the issue of hydration, many care providers now consider implementing a monitoring tool to keep track of the fluid balance. A specialised digital system for complex care such as Cura with features like fluid intake and output tracking, fluid balance monitoring, and daily fluid balance charts is one way to monitor and manage service user's fluid intake and output.

Here are just some of the features:

  • Calculate the total fluid intake within a defined 24-hour to 120-hour period 

Caregivers can ensure service users are receiving the appropriate amount of fluids to maintain optimal hydration levels.

  • Diet and Fluid Monitoring Chart 

Provides a visual representation of a service user's diet, fluid intake and output for a given day, allowing caregivers to quickly identify any imbalances or changes in nutritional and hydration status.

  • Daily target intake

You can set daily fluid intake targets and record all outputs for each service user based on their individual needs ensuring each service user is accurately receiving the appropriate amount of fluids.

  • Record all outputs

Record all outputs for each service user, including urine and stool output.

  • History data 

Provides a complete picture of the service user's fluid balance and helps identify any potential issues with hydration levels.

  • Alerts and notifications

Alerts caregivers when a service user’s daily fluid intake has not been and falls outside the normal range. This would allow caregivers to respond quickly and adjust their care plan.

  • …and a lot more!

Cura means Care…. bringing you peace of mind and confidence when managing the health and well-being of service users while delivering person centred care and long-term support.

Providing complex care requires a high level of support and Cura will truly match such demanding needs! If you would like to have a no-obligations, quick look at Cura, please contact us on 020 3621 9111or email at info@cura.systems for an on-line demo.

Digital Rostering Software 7Mar, 2022
Cura’s Response to the Health Secretary’s speech at the HSJ Summit

The ongoing Covid-19 pandemic and shortage of staff have amplified demands for technology solutions to augment care. We have seen regulatory authorities in the social care sector urging care providers to adopt the use of technology as a tool not only to connect to everyone in the care ecosystem but also to improve the way care is delivered; improve the admission process, medication management, documentation of service users’ records, and sharing of vital information. It is also evident that care homes can gain much greater assurance when processes and procedures are alerted at the appropriate time, monitored and reported in a timely manner.

Cura: Your Partner in Transforming Social Care Delivery

At the recent Health Service Journal's Digital Transformation Summit, Health Secretary Sajid Javid in his speech set out a digital agenda to harness digital transformation in the social care sector. He outlined four priorities to use the power of digital to drive a new era of recover and reform: ensuring the NHS is set up properly to succeed, levelling throughout the NHS and social care, pursuing personalisation, and making big breakthrough bets on emerging technologies and data.

“Digital transformation is not something that you can delegate. It must be led from the front,” Sajid says, who believes electronic patient records are the essential prerequisite for a modern, digital NHS and without them, we cannot achieve the full potential for reform.” Link to Gov.UK website

Javid also announced that he wants to accelerate the roll rollout of vital records with a new approach to hit 90% coverage by December next year. Sajid Javid said: “Everywhere I went I saw incredible examples of how digital technologies are already transforming health and care for the better.

“I want to see a particular focus on social care, where around 40% of providers are still grappling entirely with paper-based records. So, want to see all social care providers adopt a digital social care record.”

The outbreak has illustrated the vital role of service providers to create a safe, caring, effective, responsive and well-led environment; however, without the support of technology, it makes care so much more difficult to deliver. Clearly, technology changes the way we live and work by using care apps and digital care devices such as Cura’s suite of applications.

Embracing Technology for a More Resilient Social Care System

Cura, an intuitive care management system, is supporting efforts to equip each home with a tech-driven solution and a digitally conscious care environment. Cura care systems are equipped with a rich set of tools and features and committed to bringing further innovations to benefit all involved in the provision of care.

We are all required to adjust to the new normal and prepare ourselves for similar future pandemics and global emergencies. We are now living in a time where embracing technology seems to be the best option to deliver better quality outcomes.

Cura will continually bring care to the next level by working towards more innovative ways in the advancement of technology.

Find out how we can support you on your digital transformation journey by booking an on-line demonstration. Contact us on 020 3621 9111 or email at info@cura.systems.