Why digital systems are vital for smaller care homes

Cura Systems, Digital Care Home SoftwareIt's not just the large homes that benefit from going digital. Taking away wasted time on paperwork will make your care time so much more productive, a digital platform can introduce greater efficiency, along with the freedom to spend more time delivering excellent services.

Digital Care Home Systems

Care homes that introduce a digital system quickly benefit from results such as boosted productivity, improved communications, and better outcomes for residents. A digital platform can eliminate a large amount of time-consuming paperwork while making compliance with care standards easier and providing tools to measure performance. With a digital system it’s easy to demonstrate quality of care and improve CQC ratings.

Laying the foundations

Cura Systems, Founder Abu Omar

First Voice, London, 16th November 2018: https://www.fsb.org.uk/first-voice/regional-voice/laying-the-foundations

Serial entrepreneur Abu Omar developed his latest business Cura Systems after witnessing at first hand how hard it can be to help elderly people keep on top of their medications. “I’m one of four brothers, and my mother hops from country to country to spend time with us, and trying to keep track of her medication and visits to doctors – which country, which doctor, what medication does she need to make it consistent – is a nightmare,” he says.

The product is a comprehensive care planning system designed to help care homes manage the needs of their service users and their own planning, including electronic care plans, daily reports, to-do lists, medication management, staff schedules, mobile care monitoring and time and attendance.

The business was originally devised in Singapore, but Abu realised there were many more care homes in the UK, which were generally not making use of technology, and decided to move to London in 2014. “We’re really looking to raise the bar,” he says. “The care home industry is way behind in terms of adopting technology and has been the poor relation for far too long.”

Cura makes technology work for the caregivers

Cura Systems, Electronic Care PlansStriving to achieve outstanding resident care and improve outcomes is a constant challenge, and the initial task of adopting technology can be daunting. Cura care planning system understands this and our technology and processes are designed to make the transformation as painless as possible, and the improved performance durable.

Care Monitoring System for Carers

You will be amazed how our graduated, tailored for the needs of caregivers, coupled with intuitive, simple-to-use technology leaves both caregivers and service users’ families assured about handling some of the daily challenges associated with providing better quality care.

#HealthPlusCare: Cura Systems reflections and next steps

Cura Systems, Health Plus Care Show 2019

This year’s Health Plus Care show did not disappoint. Last week was by far the best large format, health and social care conference Cura have ever had the pleasure to attend.

It was uplifting to be highlighted and chosen as a MUST SEE show exhibitor. Our discussion on how times are changing in care and GDPR compliant care technology created a buzz and had high and notable engagement. Not to mention, the artificially intelligent Cura Cat causing the puuuuuurfect attraction to the Cura stand for the likes of Vic Rayner of the National Care Forum and Sharon Allen from Skills for Care.

How technology assists in meeting CQC standards

Cura Systems, CQC Key Lines of EnquiryFindings from the CQC’s initial programme of comprehensive inspections in adult social care published as ‘The state of adult social care services 2014 to 2017’ showed what the sector can learn. A key theme that shone through in terms of high-quality services was a clear focus on person-centred care. Staffs really get to know people as people, understanding their interests, likes and dislikes. Always bearing in the forefront of their mind, would I want this for MY Mum?
Andrea Sutcliffe, chief inspector of adult social care for the CQC has continually urged health and social care providers to embrace innovative digital technologies to improve care delivery.
Although the CQC’s previous response to the adoption of technology during an inspection was down to that inspector’s personal views, they have made visionary moves in the recent revamp of the KLOEs to ensure care technology use is consistently reported on.

GDPR? What is it and what does it mean to your care organisation

Cura Systems, GDPR AwarenessPut May 25, 2018 in your diary as a significant date. This is when the Data Protection Act 1998 will be replaced by the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR).

All personal information your care home has needs to be protected and handled in line with GDPR.

Personal information, in the GDPR context, is information that can identify living individuals (either on its own or on conjunction with other information already available).

We are committed to executing a robust data protection strategy to ensure Cura Systems is compliant with GDPR and other data protection legal requirements

Cura Systems, GDPR AwarenessWe have recruited a Data Compliance and Security Officer, Jessica Hiscock, on a full time basis to inform and advise Cura Systems and our employees about our obligations to comply with the GDPR and other data protection laws. More importantly, to provide us with the means to do so through the task of producing and implementing relevant policies and procedure, as well as spreading awareness and knowledge through training.

To serve our customers better, we begin with our employees

Cura Systems Support Team, Oustanding CareJust as Cura care planning system continually evolve with best of breed technology and functionality so must our staff and processes.

To this end, we have restructured our training and implementation team to better serve our growing list of customers. We have appointed a Client Solutions Specialist with deep domain knowledge of care homes and how they operate and reporting to our recently appointed National Service Delivery Manager.