Cura makes complex care more manageable

The onset of Covid has brought about a greater reliance on digital tools and care providers have had to adopt new technology to ensure continuity of care. This is further exacerbated by pressure from Social Care authorities to adopt digital records as a high priority.

A care system that encourages and enables improved communication, better allocation of resources, real-time access to a full set of care data and greater access to resident’s information will benefit everyone involved in all aspects of care and administration. 

Complex Care Apps. Cura Care SystemComplex Care System 

Cura takes the management of complex care to a whole new level. It leads to a higher degree of service user satisfaction and plays a significant role in delivering safer care and improvement in care outcomes.

Cura is a specialised digital care home software designed for complex care situations. Cura can make a significant difference, for example, monitoring service users’ conditions accurately and in real-time by using customisable assessments and truly person-centred care plans, specifically designed for those providing care to service users with severe dementia, challenging behaviour, mental health, palliative care, long-term chronic illnesses and those with autism and/or learning difficulties. Cura also provides a sophisticated, highly developed incident reporting tool designed to facilitate accurate and timely records of even the most severe incidents in a simple guided way. Tools are available to highlight events, persons, times of day and locations that increase the risk of incident occurrence.

"Cura incident reporting really is a great tool and will make a huge difference to the people we support. The ease we have of reviewing the incidents as they are logged and the central monitoring will only enhance our ability to analyse and resolve the issues we see. I look forward to seeing how we can develop even more with Cura by our side." - Anthony Birmingham Service Manager, Positive Individual Proactive Support

Cura has clearly established itself as a market leader in digital transformation specialising in complex care settings. In fact, a large majority of Cura customers are focused on complex care and have gained the best value from their investment.

Some of the most popular features in Cura used by our Complex Care Providers

  • User definable care plan structures to provide for intricate care plans and care planning processes definable to support PBS
  • Flexible, highly detailed when required, note recording, tying in with care plans providing the right information at the right time and in the right place. Cura uses multiple data entry methods to enable rapid note completion.
  • Detailed, configurable incident/accident & restraint recording and reporting, either user defined or using standard tools such as Price
  • Meal planner – caregivers help service users choose their meals based on their dietary requirements and restrictions such as allergens.
  • Fluids chart - Inadequate fluid intake is a major contributor to risks. You can set individual intake targets and record all outputs per service user.
  • Auditable bed turning, night visits, incident report and wound management modules – Can be linked to automatically feed into caregivers' daily activities lists and ensure such essential functions are performed on a timely basis.
  • Drag and drop form builder – allows user to create truly customisable and personalised forms
  • …and a lot more!

Cura means Care…. bringing you peace of mind and confidence when managing the health and well-being of service users while delivering person centred care and long-term support. Providing complex care requires a high level of support and a fully integrated care management system such as Cura will truly match such demanding needs.

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