Mobile Care Software

Cura Kin, a Cura Systems mobile care mobile monitoring app, gives authorised family members, health care professionals and friends secure access to electronic care plans, visit notes and online MAR charts for their loved one.

You have the ability to reassure people that the agreed care package is being delivered.

Our technology relays certain information about the resident including:

  • Daily Report – people can view the care worker’s daily reports about the resident.
  • Calendar – View loved one’s participation in activities, doctor’s appointments, food choices and emotional status in real-time.
  • Contacts – Access to the loved one’s assigned doctors and caregivers’ contact information in case of emergency.
  • Discussion – Enables two-way exchange of messages, photos and videos with the care provider and your loved one.
  • Unbelievably user-friendly interface through mobile technology.
  • Easy access to billing information
  • Remember me – The friends and family can add up to 30 images and photos that can help remind their loved one of important aspects of their life. Ideal support for those suffering from dementia.
  • Ability to record service users’ preferences – And wishes so that these can be taken into account when care plans are drawn up or updated.

Cura Kin can help you develop your customer base. Find out how you can integrate Cura Kin into your customer offering today on 020 3621 9111.

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Cura Kin, Mobile Care Monitoring App