Glenhelenbank Residential Home

Glenhelenbank Residential Home is a small, family run home offering residential care for up to 13 older people in a homely setting. The business is owned and run by Seaward Care Ltd.

They provide both permanent and respite care for people with a range of conditions including frailty and dementia. 

Louise Steward, care manager of Glenhelenbank, was firmly of the belief that digital residential care systems would provide numerous benefits including better visibility in care operations, boost productivity and improvement in communication, compliance and care outcomes. She made the switch to Cura in September 2021 to address challenges such as medication errors due to lack of coordination, duplication of records and poor documentation that can have an adverse effect to the service user.

Cura supports Glenhelenbank’s way of making their caregiving life better by providing a platform where carers can get more done with less .

Cura provides better visibility to service users

Glenhelenbank was no stranger to digital residential care systems but the system they were using before Cura was not sufficient to support their needs. The process was error-prone and frequently inaccurate.

“Prior to the implementation of Cura, I tried it with a different system but it wasn’t ready so we were pretty much still using paper care plans – reliance on paper was becoming a burden! There were multiple duplicates and it was just bulky…it was not updated as regularly as it should have been.

We were also having issues with staff missing signatures on medication charts – I just wanted to bring it all altogether!

Carers had no access to the risk assessment so they wouldn’t know what resident’s level of risk was like. Cura is far different. It brings everything together!”

With Cura, all information is fully accessible to everyone involved in all aspects of a resident’s care. It enables you to take greater control of the care operations and provide better care to service users.

Cura helps meet compliance obligations

“We are regularly monitored by the Care Inspectorate. There was an inspection in September 2021, and we were in the process of moving over to Cura. They noticed that the old care plans and risk assessments were out of date, medication and MAR charts had big holes in them.

It is a challenging task to find ways to evidence standards of care and meet the Care Inspectorate’s compliance requirements. Our compliance is improving massively with Cura!”

Cura is extremely easy to use

“Cura is easy to use and everything is in one place! As the system enables staff to work on both tablet and web, this gives staff the ability to complete a lot of admin work without lots of paper and while carers are on the move.”


Here are just some of the must-have features Glenhelenbank Residential Home loves:

Care Plans

“I like the fact that care plans are all in one place!”


“I really like it and I’m really glad that I pushed myself to learning how to use it. I find it so much easier to do and it’s very transparent.”

Daily Notes

“I love the notes! I find them easy to use and I like the fact that everybody can see everything. The communication from management to team is a lot clearer now.”

Time is better spent with Cura

“With Cura, our time is well spent because everything is clearer. Admissions and updating files is a lot quicker now. It is so much better than doing it on paper! With the medication module, you don’t miss anything out and presented with all the information you require.”

Cura consistently delivers great customer support

“I’m very satisfied with the support team! Cura customer support has been very responsive and helpful particularly Anniy and Karu. I very much appreciate their efforts.”

Glenhelenbank recommends Cura

“Yes, of course! I’m glad I chose Cura. It is the residential care system you need that gives you a complete overview of what’s happening. Cura is a great system…it really brings everything together in our home.”

"Our compliance is improving massively with Cura!”

Glenhelenbank, Residential Care System

Compliance is improving massively with Cura

"Cura is a great system…it really brings everything together in our home!"