#HealthPlusCare: Cura Systems reflections and next steps

Cura Systems, Health Plus Care Show 2019

This year’s Health Plus Care show did not disappoint. Last week was by far the best large format, health and social care conference Cura have ever had the pleasure to attend.

It was uplifting to be highlighted and chosen as a MUST SEE show exhibitor. Our discussion on how times are changing in care and GDPR compliant care technology created a buzz and had high and notable engagement. Not to mention, the artificially intelligent Cura Cat causing the puuuuuurfect attraction to the Cura stand for the likes of Vic Rayner of the National Care Forum and Sharon Allen from Skills for Care.

Embrace Technology to Advance Care

We were excited to see technology was high on all attendees’ agendas and with most of the speakers throughout the two days referencing how providers need to embrace technology to advance care.

The AI Cura Cat, for instance, is currently being used by many care homes such as Barchester Healthcare and has provided notably positive results for the residents’ wellbeing and quality of life.

Technology is always developing, Cura’s road map is evolving in line with the market and our customer’s needs. The message seems to finally be landing, digital transformation is not about purely process. It is about getting the cultures and attitudes in place at all levels to make technology work. Every person in health and care has a responsibility to make sure proper change is created.

We need a wider range of voices and a diverse insight into how the change is experienced. This is why Cura Systems are hosting customer and prospect roadshows in September throughout the UK. If you would like to attend or more information please contact us. (hyperlink to contact us page)

If you missed the Cura AI Cat (and of course a demo of Cura) don’t worry, we will be making more appearances during the Caring UK events. (hyperlink http://www.caringukconferences.co.uk/events/ ) And if you just cannot wait that long you might consider booking a free Cura demo (hyperlink to book a demo) and/or puuuuuuurchasing a Cura Cat yourself? (hyperlink to https://joyforall.com/products/companion-cats )

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