Going Paperless in a Care Home

We have produced a series of blogs where we are going to discuss the issues surrounding the change from a paper based system to a point of care electronic management system(EMS) in a care/nursing home.

Switching to Electronic Record Keeping in your Care Setting

In October 2016 I spoke about the implementation of an Electronic Record Keeping System at a presentation at the Northampton Care Association Technology Day. Delegates generally acknowledged the need to so and this led me on to ask the question – why haven’t you already installed one?

Making technology work for the carer

Striving to achieve better resident care and improve outcomes is stressful and challenging, and the initial task of adopting technology can be daunting. We understand this and our technology and processes are designed to make the IT transformation as painless as possible, the transition as easy as possible, and the improved performance to be as durable as possible.