Making technology work for the carer

Striving to achieve better resident care and improve outcomes is stressful and challenging, and the initial task of adopting technology can be daunting. We understand this and our technology and processes are designed to make the IT transformation as painless as possible, the transition as easy as possible, and the improved performance to be as durable as possible.

You will be amazed how our graduated, steady approach, tailored for the needs of Carers, coupled with our intuitive, simple-to-use technology leaves them enthused about handling some of the major challenges they encounter day in, day out.

Here are just some of the ways in which we make IT work for the carer:

  • Assessing health needs and medical conditions
  • Monitoring prescribed medications
  • Accessibility of information at the point of care delivery
  • Improvement in communication between different functions
  • Planning of daily resident’s activities such as meal, shower and events
  • Eliminate redundant data entry and medication error
  • Improvement in resource planning and handover between shifts

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